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Chronos: Dawn Of Time

Get started and learn about what is Chronos.
Disclaimer: Chronos is in active development and all features, mechanics, descriptions, art, and images are subject to change.
This document is a non-comprehensive description of the game and aims to provide a wide overview of what will be possible. Chronos features deep gameplay mechanics and customization options that are better discovered by playing.

What is Chronos?

Chronos is a 2D action RPG game where you will need to fight fierce enemies and build your empire as you explore the dawn of time in a post-apocalyptic world.
Chronos first gameplay teaser. No cinematics.
You will be challenged to explore mysterious and varied dungeons in order to obtain Aether, a set of vibrant and rare crystals with unusual properties that host immense amounts of energy.
You will need to level up and build your character according to your playstyle while you build a village that serves as the main hub for your travelers. After all, it is the dawn of a new era.
Finally, you may trade your travelers, weapons, skins, parts, as well as certain in-game assets with other players, so strategize what you farm and adapt to the market to make the most out of your dungeon adventures.
Chronos' mission is to be inclusive and will be free to play. We are targeting to launch on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, making the game available for everyone.
About game versions: The game will be firstly available on PC during early access, and will move towards mobile.

Want more gameplay?

Here is yet another gameplay teaser showing spells, firearms, and more that features our first cross-IP integration.
Chronos x KManuS88 Gameplay teaser

Dive a little deeper

Learn more about Chronos in these sections:
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