Dark Aether

Dark Aether is the most important resource in Chronos. You'll be able to get it through different activities in the game, including, but not all:
  • Fusing lesser forms of Aether: Combine red, green, and blue aether in the Aether workshop to craft Dark Aether. Some recipes might yield better returns than others.
  • Trading with merchants: Merchants of different types will often visit your village. They will buy (and sell) some of your items in exchange for Dark Aether
  • Looted from enemies or bosses: Bigger enemies may drop Dark Aether directly
  • Rewarded in tournaments or PvP matches

Use cases

All aether forms host huge amounts of energy within them. Harnessing its power will require skill and knowledge, which you will unlock as you progress.
Red, green, blue Aether and Dark Aether use cases are wide and include:
  • Leveling up the Traveler attributes.
  • Crafting parts, clothes, and implants.
  • Buying and selling items with merchants.
  • Summoning new Travelers.
  • Crafting items.
  • Speed-ups.
  • Increasing entropy, which earns skill points and unlocks abilities.
  • Burn it in the interdimensional breach in exchange for rewards.
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  • ...

Earning mechanisms

Dark Aether is an in-game currency that cannot be exchanged for other tokens or fiat. However, you can use it in different ways to create tradeable items or earn value directly.
This is how players can earn in Chronos:
  • Win prizes in tournaments.
  • Craft tradeable items, including potions or structures.
  • Summon new Travelers in the summoning altar. This is how you get new characters inside the game.
  • Use the interdimensional breach to get Ethereum or FIAT rewards for the day.
  • Find or craft NFT parts. Those parts include armor, weapons, clothes, etc. Some of them are only cosmetical but many others provide different bonuses and abilities. For example, crafting a sword is clearly different than crafting a magic staff or a god hammer.
  • Upgrading your tradeable items. Upgrade a Traveler or any other asset and sell it to other players for a profit.
However, the author would like to highlight the main value proposition of Chronos is to have fun, and that people that know the current most effective tactic available (meta), as well as the inside outs of the game, will find profitable strategies.