Limited time events

Travelers, parts, and structures will come through limited-time events and drops, which means once an asset is sold out, there will be no more of them.

Traveler drops

Traveler drops will come in the form of one or more races, along with their corresponding clothes, parts, implants, and weapons. Some will be obtainable only through in-game activities like summoning, and others available in the shop.
Chronos will also leverage special dates like holidays or Halloween to host special events, tournaments, and drops.
Each Traveler will have a summoning limit, which makes every race (cyborgs, reptilians, witchers, etc.) limited and scarce, even more if they are used for upgrading other Travelers.

Expansions and updates

The dawn of time is only the beginning, and we plan to keep expanding and updating Chronos with content updates, new weapons, mechanics, worlds, game modes, and more.