Scholarships and PvP

Chronos is a game for everyone. Apart from being free to play, we believe in scholarship and guild programs where an entity or person facilitates the assets to another person who will play competitively in the game.

Our scholarship vision

Chronos offers a player-driven economy with deep layers of customization that will lead to different farming and competitive strategies. As such, we expect, but are not limited to, two types of scholars:
  • The farmers. With new character, weapon, and implant drops as well as the deep attribute and skill system, finding the most efficient tactic available (meta) and crafting the correct assets to use it that at the same time has the correct bonuses will require deep knowledge of the game and a good plan. Competitive players will seek these assets in the marketplace as the "meta" evolves and new strategies arise.
  • Competitive players. Solo or in teams, we believe there is plenty of room for competitive play through different game modes, like "Escape Battle Royale" or a simple "PvP Arena". Being efficient will require both skill and knowledge from the player. Team synergies will also be important to defeat enemy teams and reap their loot. Tournaments will be held with different prize pools and rewards
To sum up, Chronos believes in scholarship systems as long as the players focus on competitive play and their needs.