The Dungeon

For your civilization to prosper, your character to improve, and for the story and mysteries behind the dawn of time to unfold, you will need to venture into the dungeons, seemingly below the surface, albeit connected between them through strange portals.
Each biome for the dungeon is different. Each has its own enemies, vegetation, layout, NPCs, quests, etc.
Some levels are focused to drive the story, other to pose a combat or platforming challenge and finally, some are built to provide a co-op and PvP experience.


Be prepared. The combat system is packed with action and a lot of variety. Easy to learn, hard to master; Some weapons might be trickier to use but shine if wielded correctly. Choose your loadout carefully to get the most out of your battles and adventures.
Armaments can be focused on melee, ranged, elemental damage, magic, etc. that will suit different scenarios and playstyles.