The Village

The village is your operations center. Here is where your travelers will live and prosper.
You’ll be able to use your resources to build different rooms. Some will help you strengthen your character, make them more agile, intelligent, etc.
Others will be equipped with the tools to craft equipment, potions, implants, and other types of items.
As your village grows, you may want to get more Travelers and put them to work while you are in the dungeons or simply offline.
There are also special rooms, like the expeditions center or the interdimensional breach. You’ll unlock them as you progress within the game.
Housing demo

Room examples


Here you’ll be able to craft traps, grenades, throwing knifes, tools, and all items that can be crafted with some handwork, even key items for some quests.


Use this room whenever you want to absorb the power of the aether in order to train your Traveler and level up their strength or defense.

Quantum Lab

Use dark aether to enhance your entropy, allowing you to get stronger and earning you skill points to spend on abilities.