Travelers can learn new skills, upgrade their attributes, gear, and so much more.

Stats and attributes

Attributes and power score
Your character grows with your preferred playstyle; offensive, tank, agile, melee, ranged, etc.
You’ll be able to level up your attributes however you wish as you progress inside the game.
They will affect your weapon performance, combat behavior, the ability to craft and use certain items, your health, and a lot more.

Skill Tree

Sample skill tree.
Absorbing the energy from the Aether Crystals makes your character unstable. Level up your entropy to withstand more upgrades and earn skill points.
Skill points, among many other things, let you unlock new abilities, like double-jumping, dashing, new combos…


Your base character will have a skill tree that depends on your Traveler race. Depending on your needs and attributes, you will need to choose between different branches.
Some parts like weapons or secondary weapons have their own skill tree as well.


Some upgrades will require absorbing the energy of another Traveler and will yield key abilities or stat boosts.