As you progress in the game, you'll expand your civilization, build your village, unlock new rooms, and features and so much more. Some of them will allow you to upgrade your character or craft items, while some others provide special functionalities.


Your Travelers will grow with your selected play style. You will be able to upgrade your character attributes, install new part upgrades and equip new weapons. The customization is extensive and provides cosmetic and gameplay functionalities.

Combat and exploration

Will you be a full-melee build? A magic wielder? Or maybe a fast ninja? Maybe you are not even interested in combat and you just want to speedrun dungeons and reach places others can't... Choose your attributes, skills, and equipment according to your goals!
Combat and exploration are rewarded with loot. Some of the items you get will be able to be used instantly, like potions or traps. Others may be used as crafting material for more complex items, like grenades or even the Travelers’ part upgrades.

Team up and socialize

You will be able to cross dimensions and engage with other players. Interactions range from visiting your friends, co-op adventures, and PvP matches. Some dungeon levels will be focused on such interactions, while others will serve to drive the story or pose a combat or platforming challenge.

Trade and earn

You will accumulate resources and items. You can trade them for other items, or sell them to other players. On top of that, you will be able to use Dark Aether (in-game currency and NOT a token) to get Ethereum rewards. We've designed the economy to be fully sustainable and focused on the players.