Getting setup


Cagyjan testing Chronos private demo
Chronos demo is not yet available to the public, but make sure to watch our official gameplay teasers as well as some gameplay from content creators that have been trying a very early version of the game.
An upcoming public demo is currently in the works and will host tournaments and a new game mode

Wishlist now!

Head over to Elixir Launcher and wishlist Chronos now to be notified about early access and launch events.
Chronos on Elixir Launcher

Discord activities

Make sure to join our discord, where we hold different activities, events, and contests


Almost every week, we host weekly contests on discord that involve different activities: art creations, memes, suggestions, reviews&feedback, etc. Anyone can participate no matter their skill. Prizes are automatically paid out through Discord with LootBolt, including cash, in-game assets, and roles.
Finalists from our "Draw a hat bounty"
When you join the Discord server, make sure to read 🏆︱how-bounties-work to get started


To reward helpful, kind, funny, or for whatever reason people, every person can give "rep" points to others and help them rank up! The best part is just knowing you have them, but they unlock perks, roles, and some surprises in the future.
Meme about the rep points on Discord


​Follow us on twitter to stay up to date and get some sneak peeks!
Twitter sneak peek