Our vision

The gaming industry is absolutely huge, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise when you realize it makes people have fun, an extraordinary feeling. Above that, it’s the players themselves who actually fuel the game and create the community around it. We firmly believe in empowering our players and the concept of digital property, that's why we have decided assets should be tradeable with other players.

Fun experience and inclusiveness

Chronos' mission is to deliver a fun experience with an engaging gameplay and position itself as a casual, yet deep game that is easy to learn and pick up and at the same time provides extensive customization and leveling options for the most involved and veteran players. We want to make Chronos accessible for anyone, where anybody, no matter previous gaming experience or hardware can join and have a great time.

Player-driven economy

We truly believe in delivering a player-driven economy; where assets are freely tradeable and where players can earn real monetary value in a thriving but fully-sustainable economic model. The key is of course to deliver a good, engaging, game that creates actual value by being fun.

Bridging the gap

In a growing digital era, we also aim to educate the mainstream gaming community about the web3 ecosystem by easing the on-boarding process and through the gameplay itself.
Players will be able to play Chronos without any prior knowledge of web3, with simple and traditional log-in systems, like google or facebook.